Puppy classes is something I always knew I wanted to sign my puppy up for. There is so many benefits to it especially as first-time dog parent that had know idea what she was doing.  Puppy classes have many benefits including socialization as well as getting to see more cute puppies! But seriously your puppy interacting with other cute Puppies is just the icing on the cake. I’m giving PetSmart Dog Training a 9/10 and here’s why.


Socializing with your puppy from a young age is important and it’s not easy. But PetSmart offers several different classes for dogs of all ages, and they have training for puppies ages 8-16 weeks. This is wonderful because you can have your puppy meeting and learn how to interact with other dogs their age without worry. We started a little later at Dog training for beginners. My puppy was nervous at first coming in, but he quickly made a few friends with other smaller dogs. The bigger ones he was weary of but eventually warmed up. Throughout the class we got to work alongside other dogs which he really doesn’t get that experience anywhere else.

Training your dog and yourself Class structure.

In this class my dog didn’t just learn a lot, I also learned quite a bit. The trainer was excellent at explaining how to address problem behaviors that many puppy owners have and was able to give many tips. The class would usually go something like this.

  1. Class introduction

She explained what we were doing today and how we were doing with pervious lessons. Sometimes there were many “tests” to see how puppies were progressing with training or skills we learned in previous week.

  •  Demonstration

The Trainer would demonstrate what we were learning. For example, if were learning to sit she would demonstrate how you could lead your dog into a sit.

  • Working with your dog individually

The trainer would then come around to each dog and owner and teach them the command.

  • You try.

You would then take your pup and try yourself and practice with your dog the same command the teacher had just shown us. If you were having difficulties or if you had any questions this was the time to ask.

Great staff with helpful tips

Our trainer was very knowledgeable about almost everything related to dogs. If you had a question about potty training or behavior issues, she could come up with at least one to two solutions that would work for you and your dog. I noticed she would give different recommendations or instructions based off the size of your dog when it came to products and food. She was even able to train with a dog who was allergic to every protein imaginable and find a treat that worked well for their training. Seeing that the trainer was so knowledgeable and had offered advice that lined up with my own research on topics was reassuring. I feel like our trainer went above and beyond in sometimes  she was even willing to help outside of class.

My dog’s experience.

My puppy was in love with this class! Every time we got out of the car, he was wagging his tail all the way to the classroom. He loved his trainer and was always eager to work with her. He also made a few friends that he was excited to play with a little before class. Seeing how much he enjoyed the class kept us going back!


At our local PetSmart classes start at 139 per class and for that value you learn a lot of great information. What really makes it worth it is I find myself using 100% of everything I learned in the class often. This is something that was much more affordable compared to a lot of other places as well.


PetSmart offers courses for pups of all ages. Their class is run for six weeks, and you go once a week for an hour. They usually have several classes going on at once so you should be able to sign up for whatever day and time fits best for you.


The courses are a wonderful start into the world of training your puppy whether it’s your first time training a puppy or not. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your puppy and learn how to properly communicate with them.  You also get help from a professional dog trainer if you hit any bumps in the road. Also, it’s a great way to socialize with your puppy from a young age and continue to socialize. Everything we learned in puppy class we continue to use today, and we are excited to go back one final time again this summer.

Disclaimer: This is just my experience with puppy classes in PetSmart and experiences can vary based on location, trainer, or class environment.

PetSmart Dog Training Review