This article is a list of things that I Would NOT recommend or use personally but I encourage readers to do their own research on the topic to make an informed decision.

Raw hide

Many owners are usually looking for chews and treats that will last their pups a while. But Raw Hide will never be on my list of long-lasting chews because they are a huge risk to give your dog even when supervised. Raw Hide poses a huge choking hazard to dogs and can cause blockages in the digestive tract if they consume too big of a piece. As a dog owner I’m always scared that my pet will choke on something or get blockage especially since he’s only 5 pounds. This fear has only been justified because a friend has had this happen to their dog. Luckily the dog survived. This friend warned me when I first got a dog against raw hide. So, I would like to share the knowledge with anyone reading to beware of any treats that contain rawhide.

Hartz Products & Flea Medicine

Any medicine can be harmful if used incorrectly. Please check with your vet before giving your pets any medicine, especially flea medicine. If you consult with your vet, they should even be willing to show you how to properly use medicine. Certain Hartz products have led and injury of many pets and can sometimes be fatal. If you do a quick google search on the Hartz Brand you will find many cases of people, whose pets who have been injured or died due to their shampoo or flea prevention medicines.

Dog parks

Dog parks are something I wasn’t against until I got a dog. A place where your dog can run around freely and socialize without worry. What could be the harm in that? Well like most things, even dog parks have a downside. It turns out that the dog park isn’t the best place to socialize with your dog, you run the risk or your dog picking up some type of sickness, or fleas when going. The dog park that I went to even had a warning that an outbreak of parvo and respiratory infection had happened. Even though you are in a “dog” Park you still must deal with people you don’t know. There are no rules or anyone regulating the parks, so you don’t know if you’ll run into an owner who hasn’t properly trained their dog or if they are up to date on vaccines. There are tons of unknown factors when you let your fur babies out to play at the dog park.  Since there is a lack of control in these environments, we choose other alternatives such as doggy day or hosting our own play dates.

Groomers (PetSmart)

Grooming can be expensive and time-consuming.  I would say that if you can learn that basics of grooming before getting a dog and try to implement it into a routine as soon as possible. Basic includes bathing, nail clipping, and brushing. But where you might seek a professional is for a haircut, ear cleaning, and with fluffier dogs DE shedding. I would recommend getting your dog socialized to grooming as soon as possible because it can be a scary experience. Some grooming serves are better than others and I would really recommend you look at reviews as well as talk to groomers you entrust your fur babies with. I have seen too many negative things online to ever be comfortable leaving my dog at a PetSmart groomer. Not saying all Pet Smarts cause every store is ran differently. But too many horror stories have come across my social media about dogs getting allegedly injured.

Retractable leashes

Retractable leashes should not be used for your dog because they run the risk of snapping or breaking easily. If your dog doesn’t have a good recall or isn’t reliable off of leash, I would strongly recommend that you don’t invest in one. For off leash training I would recommend you get a long leash or do training in empty fields with minimal distractions away from any danger If possible.


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