Puppy How To is a Puppy parenting guide to help you navigate puppyhood and fur parenthood! Here on Puppy how to we believe that there are many right ways to raise your pup. We built this blog to help give advice to all fur parents on multiple different topics! We are passionate about sharing and learning many different options of how to make your life with your dog fun, relaxed, and simple.

A Little About Kaylah!

Hello, I’m Kaylah. I have had many pets over the years, but I am a first-time puppy parent! I enjoy researching and learning about pet care and spending time with my fur baby! I have multiple experience with working with animals including volunteering for the SPCA as well as multiple years of pet sitting.

I have had many pets throughout the years hamsters, cats, and now a dog! Each experience I have had with my pet is different and I’m looking forward to continuing learning how to be a pet parent and sharing tips and tricks that have worked for me and many others!

A Little About Spooks

My Name is Spooks I’m a 1-Year-old papillon and my mom says that means butterfly in French. My mom tells me how cute I am every day. I like to do zoomies, especially at night! My favorite things to do are play fetch, tug of war, and stealing socks. My favorite treats are carrots, cheese, and Ice cubes. I’m a fast learner and I love learning new tricks. I’m currently in level 3 of puppy school and I’m working very hard to complete my AKC good citizenship test.